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Please read through the following information carefully as there is a fair bit…

As we return to contact training this week, there are a few changes to guidelines and procedures. We need to make sure that we
continue to follow the guidelines below:

- group limits of 20 will apply – until we get an amendment to the current health orders.

– recording of training attendance for the purpose of contact tracing will still be needed post 1st of July – junior managers you should all now be familiar with this process, please continue to record and keep the attendance lists.

– COVID-19 safety and hygiene protocols for people, equipment etc are needed – hand sanitiser on entry and exit and sanitisation of all training equipment, balls, tackle bags, shields etc

Please Note

The drop off, pick up procedure is no longer required, parents can park as normal at the ground but we ask that you enter the field via the main stairs to the left of the canteen so that your child/children can be marked on the attendance list by your manager.

If you are staying to watch your child’s training session it is important that you observe the social distancing rule at all times. You will also need to be recorded on the training attendance list.

There will be some PDF’s following this post for COVID-19 safety plan, return to contact, return to scrums and return to play.

Competition Structures


Nine Week competitions throughout Term 3, focus on participation and enjoyment. Please be flexible!
All games home and away. No galas, no finals, no trophies.
Ladders kept in all grades. Where practical final round will be 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8.
If necessary there may be 3-way games to avoid byes.
Round 1 – Sunday 26th July
Round 9 – Sunday 20th September
Trial matches – Sunday 19th July – details to follow.


– 7 week competition @ Terry Hills Oval
– Round 1 – Saturday 25th July
– Finals – Saturday 12th September


We are still looking for volunteers for the following roles, please note that the club will reimburse costs for all of these courses!!! All courses are online at the rugby au learning centre, accessible through your rugby xplorer account. Once the accreditation is completed you will need to register it on rugby xplorer with Dee Why JRUFC. Any issues here, please reach out!! These are a requirement for every team to be able to play rugby. Links Below…

First aid attendant kids rugby U6-U12, online, Rugby AU learning centre…

First aid attendant level 1, online, Rugby AU learning centre…

Ground marshal program, 30min online, Rugby AU learning centre…

Assistant referee kids rugby U8-U12, 1 hour online, Rugby AU learning centre…

Assistant referee level 1 program, 3 hours
online Rugby AU learning centre…

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