Warringah Junior Rugby Union is the overarching body that governs and represents all Northern Beaches Junior Rugby Clubs that fall within the Warringah District. The Warringah Junior Representative Teams compete in the State Championships that are held over the June long weekend for U12s to Opens and over two days in July for U10s & U11s.

Each age group is a representation of the best players that our district has to offer. Our overall mission is that through this opportunity we do not just give the best players the chance to play at the highest level but focus on developing the skills of every player no matter the level they are at.

Our goal through the Junior Rats Representative program is to:

  • Improve the Rugby level of all players within the Warringah District
  • To be a part of the rich values of the Warringah Junior Rugby Union
  • To give players the opportunity to represent their area against the best players within the state
  • Allow players to meet other people within the local area

We must remember it is a privilege and a responsibility to represent your community, area, family and the Warringah Junior Rugby Union. Our mandate is to ensure all players learn the true values of rugby through commitment, hard work and the responsibility of being a part of a team.

This document outlines the key responsibilities and guidelines in coaching or managing a team within the Warringah Junior Rugby Union.

Style of Play

The Rats Juniors style of play is focused around playing a fast running game that requires a high level of ball skill and fitness.

The game will be based around defence by creating an unbreakable wall that requires each player to work for each other. We will be a team that RESPECTS the opposition and drives high quality from within the group.

Ball Skills

High level of passing, all players are required to be able to pass left and right over 5m while running at speed.


All players will be required to complete a fitness test that will be conditioned to their position. We will play a fast-paced game that requires a strong fitness base.

Set Piece

Be able to fulfil your role and dominate in the area of set piece necessary.

Tackle Contest

Physical and brave.


Understand and learn your role. This is a key requirement to be a good team member.

Coaching Criteria

  • Rugby Union coaching experience at a level of no less than Sydney Junior Rugby Union Club, Regional level through Sydney Junior Rugby Union or NSW Schools Rugby Union player pathways.
  • Smart Rugby – mandate for all coaches.
  • Level 1 mandate for all coaches.
  • Level 2 for U14s and up.
  • Demonstrated experience of developing athletes in a performance-based Rugby environment.
  • Agree to display and carry out the Character and Values that come with representing WJRU as an organisation.
  • Specific technical knowledge of individual and team principles including techniques, coaching trends.
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills to liaise with a wide range of people including athletes, parents, management, program coordinators and administrators.
  • Ability to contribute and manage a team effectively as part of working towards achieving outcomes.
  • The age group Head Coach will be selected by the WJRU President, Vice President (VP) Reps and the Warringah Juniors Rugby Director using the online registration survey.

Head Coach

  • To plan and execute the representative program for the selected age group.
  • To form a playing style and player requirements for the game style determined for the team.
  • This will be used by the selection committee to assist them and provide guidance on selection of the squad.
  • To plan and execute training sessions to meet Team objectives.
  • To determine the need for trial matches and to liaise with WJRU VP Reps and others for organisation.
  • To instruct the Assistant Coach and Specialist Coaches as required. To coordinate player injuries/rehabilitation and manage any forced changes to the squad due to injury in conjunction with the Selection Committee.
  • To attend any pre-tournament camp and tournament functions as required.
  • To provide appropriate feedback to all squad members.
  • To select assistant coaches and manager while consulting with the WJRU VP Reps to ensure all Warringah Village Clubs are engaged.

Assistant Coach

  • To provide services and support as required to the Head Coach.
  • To attend any pre-tournament camp, tournament and functions as required.


  • To provide direct liaison with the Team. In addition, it is vital that parents of selected players are well informed of specific details etc for that Team.
  • To arrange training facilities if required.
  • To arrange trials in consultation with WJRU VP Reps as requested by the Head Coach.
  • To maintain player/shadow player Contact Details, Participation Forms, Travel Forms etc.
  • To provide all communications necessary for effective and efficient management of the Team.
  • To inform the WJRU VP Reps of any pending issues. in a timely fashion.
  • To coordinate and manage the distribution of gear.
  • To communicate and manage travel details where required.
  • To assist in the keeping of statistics as required by the Head Coach.
  • To establish and maintain off field Team discipline and behaviour.
  • To arrange Team photos appropriately.
  • To perform any other non-coaching duties as necessary.
  • To obtain Team Lists/Player Contact Details from relevant Clubs before the Team is finalised.
  • To provide the WJRU VP Reps with a copy of the Player Contact details once the Team has been selected.
  • To provide appropriate feedback to the WJRU VP Reps at the completion of the representative rugby season.
  • To ensure that the Team can provide a QUALIFIED Assistant Referee and Ground Marshall as part of the team for any competition or trial game. (They will need to report to the referee at least 15 mins prior to kick-off (Unless the referees Association provides).

Requirements and Commitments

The commitment of every squad member is a critical factor in each team’s success. The responsibility to commit 100% to the Rats program is vital in living out the values of the Warringah Junior Rugby Union. This commitment will help grow strong relationships within each team that will be a key in building a team first environment.

By taking your place in the Warringah Junior Representative team you will be required to commit to the following trainings, games and travel. Once the team is selected it is compulsory for all players and coaches to attend all set sessions and games. You will be a part of a team and required to attend and be present to learn and help the team prepare for the State Championships.

Training commitments

The Junior Rats will train at least one day per week leading up to the State Titles. Coaches discretion as to training days, times and location changed – based on field availability.

Financial Commitment

There is a levy to cover the costs of uniforms, insurance and travel. Each player will be required to pay the set registration amount.


All accommodation costs will be at the players families own expense. It is your team’s responsibility to organise your own accommodation.

Club Events

WJRU will set a number of Club events through the year. All events must be given priority and be published by each age group coach and manager.

Events are:

  • Presentation Day
  • Green & White Academy
  • Rats Junior Camp
  • Rat Junior Training Days


All training is to be based at the Narrabeen Academy of Sport. The WJRU has a storage area that is stocked with pads, tackle-bags, bibs, scrum machine, cones and other necessary training gear needed to run all sessions. Fields are to be booked through admin@warringahjuniorrugby.com.au, please be aware the Narrabeen Academy will do their best to accommodate your request.

Training commitments

The Junior Rats will train at least one day per week leading up to the State Titles. Coaches discretion as to training days, times and location changes – based on field availability.


Every age group must have an open policy for selection. All kids who play within the Warringah District are eligible for selection and should have the opportunity to trial. Clubs who are eligible to trial for the WJRU age groups are; Narrabeen, Newport, Collaroy, Dee Why, Pittwater, Wakehurst and Terry Hills.

Village games will always take priority over Rats trials. Players will not be permitted to play in a Rats trial if they have not met their village club commitments.

Training schedule at minimum

At minimum below is a rough outline of what a lead into State Championship should look like:

  • Week 1 – Training, testing and feedback all players to be given a base with work on’s
  • Week 2 – Training, minimum 1 session per week
  • Week 3 – Training, minimum 1 session per week
  • Week 4 – Training, minimum 1 session per week
  • Week 5 – Training, testing and feedback for all players
  • Week 6 – Internal trials
  • Week 7 – Training and trial
  • Week 8 – Training and trial
  • Week 9 – Training and trial
  • Week 10 – State Championship

Teams are asked to communicate an outline of the program by no later than 30th November.


Please understand that this is the Warringah Junior Representative team and that not all kids can be selected. Some kids will miss out, this is not the end of their career nor does it mean that they will not be selected in future years.

As a selector, we are looking for a number of skills that will be needed to build a good team.

Open training sessions should be used as an opportunity for all players and coaches in the selected age groups to have the chance to train and improve their skills while learning the basics of how their team will play at the State Championships. These sessions are for everyone and will give coaches the chance to watch all players and assist in their development.

Coaches throughout all squad training periods should give each player an update on what they should be working on and what areas they are inefficient in.

PLEASE NOTE: Attending these sessions does not have guarantee selection nor is attendance a prerequisite. The development you will receive will give each player a better chance of being selected and the chance to be consistently seen but it will not be used as a point score for final selection.


To be eligible for selection players must meet the following requirements

  • Registered with a Warringah village club (see exception below)
  • Played at least 4 club competition games
  • Be the correct chronological age for your age group (players cannot play up or down an age group)

Under the following conditions players registered with another district may be eligible for selection

  • Player has made themselves available for selection by their home district
  • Was not selected by their home district
  • No suitable Warringah player is available for selection

Process on selection

As a selector, we are looking for a number of skills that will be needed to build a good team.

Players will be marked on their:

  • Attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Skill
  • Fitness

Coaches should use the following opportunities to select players:

  • Club Games (where possible)
  • Club Coach’s feedback
  • School Games – must be registered to Warringah Junior Club
  • Training sessions
  • Internal trial

From the above attributes, the coaches will select the nominated number of players plus shadow players that will be invited to all training but will not travel to the State Championships unless needed.

  • U10 & U11 – 18 Squad members and 3-6 shadows
  • U12 – U14 – 23 Squad members and 3-6 shadows
  • U15 – Opens – 25 Squad members and shadows

Pre-Selection process

  • The Head Coach is to provide each selector with a copy or verbal explanation of the summary of game style and player requirements.
  • The Head Coach is to facilitate a meeting of the selectors for decisions and selections to be made. In the event of any selection dispute, it is the Head Coaches responsibility to make the final decision.

Before the State Championships WJRU VP Reps to arrange a briefing meeting with Coaches, Managers and resolve any issues.

Team Selection Process and Announcement

The team selection committee should consist of the head coach and the assistant coaches.

Independent Selectors

The Head Coach will ensure that the selection process is carried out in a fair manner.

This will include:

  • Consultation of all Selectors with the Head Coach to identify the pattern of play and philosophy required by the Head Coach.
  • With the assistance of the Head Coach, selecting a Team that will provide the deliverables to suit that pattern of play and to achieve the objective of winning every match in a competitive and fair manner.
  • The Head Coach should consult each village club coach for feedback on each player.
  • Selectors are appointed by the Head Coach and the WJRU VP Reps.
  • Selectors do not represent their club and must at all times be objective in determining selections.
  • WJRU reserves the right to remove any selector who displays overt bias towards any Club at the expense of others.
  • All players in the selected Team will play in all trials and will be included in the squad for the first competitive match unless injured.
  • Selectors will have available a template to be used to aid them in the selection process. It is imperative that the selection process be fair and transparent.


Notice of the selected Team will be emailed by the WJRU VP Reps to each squad member.

An email will be sent in three categories

  • Successful
  • Unsuccessful
  • Shadow

(Players details, and selection information is to be sent to the WJRU VP Reps by the designated date).

All non-selected players should be personally contacted by the Head Coach and given feedback as to what areas they need to improve and to encourage the opportunity for next season.

Each player selected, and his Parents/Guardians shall complete a Letter of Understanding and Commitment confirming their selection in the team. This will be sent and collected by the WJRU VP Reps.

All players in the selected Team will play in all trials and will be included in the squad for the first competitive match unless injured.

Selectors will have available a template to be used to aid them in the selection process. It is imperative that the selection process be fair and transparent.

Players and Management Gear

All selected players will be required to pay a registration fee and receive the following items:

  • Hat
  • Hoodie
  • Bag
  • Playing Shorts
  • Playing Socks
  • Training Shirt
  • Drink Bottle

Additional gear will be made available for a cost


The WJRU is committed to promoting and strengthening the positive image of Rugby and its Participants in Australia. To do so, we all need to be committed to living our core values of Passion, Integrity, Discipline, Respect and Teamwork. The Rugby Australia Code aims to ensure that Rugby’s core values, good reputation and positive behaviours are maintained by its players, coaches, administrators, volunteers, parents and spectators by providing a simple set of rules that assist in delivering a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all.

The Rugby Australia Code of Conduct also seeks to deter conduct that could damage the game of Rugby by impairing public confidence in the honest and orderly conduct of matches and competitions or in the integrity and good character of Participants.

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