Vale Lauren Reid

On Saturday, our players Sam, Jordan, and Callum Reid and WRC coach Scott Reid unfortunately and tragically lost their beautiful and much-loved mum and wife, Lauren Reid, after a battle with illness.

Lauren, known to so many inside the Rats and entire Northern Beaches community, was a wonderful woman who was always incredibly bubbly, friendly, and generous in spirit and nature. Lauren had an incredible ability to rally anyone and everyone for any cause or simply just to have fun. She always displayed concern for those in trouble or less fortunate and would try to help in some way.

Lauren was the glue in so many relationships in this area and had the ability to motivate people into doing things outside their comfort zone, and always with a laugh.

During the course of this horrible disease, Lauren always remained positive and hopeful of a good outcome; she displayed total selflessness and was mostly concerned for Scott and her boys and not herself. However, as everyone who knows her three wonderful boys, in them, her legacy will live on.

It perhaps is said best by close friends Janiece and Phil Bate. "My family and I can't imagine life without Lauren. She was truly an inspiration and a larger than life personality. Lauren has had an enormous effect on us that will always be missed."

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