Dee Why Lions is proud to cater for teams for all ages – Minis, Juniors, Seniors and Oldies.

Minis (U6 – U9): Minis rugby covers the U6-U9 age groups, and is an excellent way to introduce your child to the game of rugby. Children as young as four, both girls and boys, thoroughly enjoy participating in the tackle-free games that are played by the U6 and U7 teams. Games are played to a carefully modified version of rugby, designed by the Australian Rugby Union and continuing through junior level, to slowly introduce different elements of the game as children grow. This allows them to develop their skills and confidence at a rate that suits them. Our players participate in a competition coordinated by Warringah & Manyl Junior Rugby Union clubs.

Juniors (U10 – U18): Juniors rugby covers the U10-U18 age groups, and is an excellent way for children and young people to further develop their rugby skills and participate in an increasingly competitive environment. Game modifications designed by the Australian Rugby Union from minis level are further extended through each age-grade and gradually develop into full, adult game structures. This allows our players to develop their skills and confidence at a suitable rate and ensures that their participation is both enjoyable and safe.
Our players (both boys and girls) participate in 7s and XVs competitions coordinated by Sydney Junior Rugby Union (SJRU) and Sydney North Girls Rugby (SNGR).

Seniors (18+):* Our senior (Subbies) teams participate in competitions coordinated through the NSW Suburban Rugby Union, which is the largest centrally organised rugby competition in the world and involves around 55 clubs from the greater Sydney region.
Our participation in these competitions varies from year to year, with options to compete at various levels depending on squad preferences and grading. In recent years we have competed for the Meldrum and Halligan Cups.

Oldies (35+): Oldies rugby, or “Golden Oldies” rugby as it is often known, is a ‘grassroots footy’ and traditional rugby friendship movement that is intended for players aged 35 and over. While allowing players to demonstrate the rugby skills they have developed over years gone by, Oldies rugby provides an opportunity for mature players to enjoy their on and off field participation at a more relaxed pace. With a tag-line of “Fun, Friendship and Fraternity” and a focus on enjoyable experiences over competitive victories, Oldies rugby is accessible to players of all fitness levels and abilities.

We are proud of our commitment to maintaining a family friendly and fun experience for all participants, to ensure that you enjoy your rugby experience with us.

We welcome you to contact the club and find out more.