This Sunday Newport U/14’s will once again represent the Newport Rugby Club with its annual Tour of Fiji!
For those playing in younger age groups this is a really exciting part of playing at Newport to look forward to!
This year is the 20th anniversary of this tour!
The purpose and nature of the annual U14 tour has evolved over time, but remains true to its original intent.
We aim to celebrate and share our passion for rugby with the Fijian rugby community. It is also an opportunity to continue or re-invigorate the love of rugby for our boys. We know that the Fijian community look forward to this tour and the opportunity to play with boys from another country, as much as we do.
It gives our boys a chance to see first-hand the difference between the two countries and exactly why Fijian Rugby is amongst the best in the world. The boys will play against Namaka and Thomas Primary Schools.
The tour also provides an opportunity for the boys to see and experience a different way of life. We make an effort each year to collect rugby boots, head gear, pads, and sports clothes to take with us and donate to the schools or clubs that we play against. This year we will take over 80kgs of rugby gear for the Fijians!
Not only do we give to the local Fijian community, the idea behind the Tour is for our boys to see how others live, to forge new friendships and interact in a respectful manner. The Fijian people as we all know are a very respectful culture and truly appreciate our Tour.
Best of luck boys.
On behalf of the club and the u14 tour committee.
Best of luck boys. Travel safe. Enjoy the experience!
Nigel Baker
Fiji Rugby
NSW Rugby