Someone sent in a picture of a crowd at their local Club yesterday with the caption “who said rugby is dying”.

Well I can safely say after running this page now for the last 3 seasons and witnessing in that time new clubs being created and record crowds recorded at Shute Shield grand finals.

That rugby at grassroots level is actually flourishing.

To all you passionate supporters and players of this game congratulations, it is you who have made this happen.

I last night decided to go along to watch the Reds vs Tahs at Suncorp last night and I can see why anyone who isn’t involved at club level thinks our Game is in trouble.

Our professional part of our Game is dying, true rugby die hards are voting with their feet and preferring to support grassroots rugby.

RA if you are reading this YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR WAYS.

Your idea that Rugby is a product has lost the support of your followers.

Start supporting the grassroots level of our Game and it will return to supporting your professional game.

Don’t and well you are already seeing the results.

Couple of the u10s from the mighty Hogs, the future of our Game