Sydney Juniors cross over for big day out.
Last weekend saw 310 Teams from the Under 6 to Under 9 Age group participate in a cross Sydney Gala Day. The Interdistrict Gala day saw close to 600 games of minis rugby played at 9 Venues across Sydney.
This is the second year of the Interdistrict Gala Day, normally the seven Sydney Districts run and control there own Minis Program but once a year we like to shake it up and mix together different districts as to expose the kids to as many different clubs as possible.
The day has a break in the middle where clubs participate in a social event of different kinds. From running races to tug-o-war and even a dance off.

The day was made possible by Sponsorship from The Rugby Club Foundation, Summers Lawyers and Gilbert Rugby. NSW Rugby pitched and sent out James Ramm, Cody Walker, Rory O’Connor and Tahman made an appearance or two.