Girls Wave 1 Round 1 – info sent out this morning to Clubs

Hi all,

Thank you for your patience and commitment, we have had multiple teams enter or pull out this week and have subsequently had to redo the draw. Great news is that we have a massive amount of teams in all age groups – great news. A reminder also that we are all there to make a great experience for the girls, so keep that in mind for week 1 as we all settle in to how the event runs. Look after the girls and the other teams, officials and staff – we are all in it for a great rugby experience.

Draw: Can be viewed via this link –…/SJRU%207s%20week%201%20V8.pdf…
*NB please check the link directly as any changes may be updated here – if you copy the file and circulate you may have an old draw … so use the link ** Another Team has pulled out this morning – the Draw will be amended again! This link will show you the latest version at all times. So check back.

Weather: Local weather forecast – looks like it’ll be raining and we are at the mercy of Centennial Parklands, so if they cancel the grounds we will notify clubs via email on Saturday – Fingers crossed

Registrations: All players must be registered to play in the competition.
Registration for the 2019 season has begun. You can register today via the Rugby Xplorer app or on by the web – by searching for a Club near you. The cost to register includes Insurance (Gow Gates Rugby Insurance), National Participation Levies as well as all competition running costs. SJRU WILL BE CHECKING REGISTRATIONS

First Aid: There will be suitably trained first aid personnel at the venue – this is for injury treatment and not strapping

Age Groups: Players must compete in the relevant age group for their chronological age(see below) unless special dispensation has been granted. The starting policy position is that a player may play in the age group he/she is turning in the relevant calendar year and in the age group one year above, the Size for Age Guidelines and Age Grade
Dispensation Procedure allow players to play in the most suitable competition. Info on Age Grade Dispensation can be found here with all relevant forms –…/safety-and-wel…/player-dispensation
U11: Players born in 2008 or 2009
U13: Players born in 2006 or 2007
U15: Players born in 2004 or 2005
U17: Players born in 2002 or 2003

Referees: Where possible Referees are appointed to the matches, however in the event there are no referees available then the sides playing the matches will be required to agree on a suitable referee

Upholding the Values of Rugby: As with all rugby competitions it is important that we maintain the values and standards of rugby. All participants and spectators are required to abide by the – Respect Rugby and the Code of Conduct

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