We have had a few questions regarding First Aid at games, therefore please see the below a summary and then the rules outlined.

The First Aid Attendant does not have a general right to run on to the field and normally would need to be called out by the referee or the Trainer to attend to injured players, but common sense needs to be applied and player safety comes first so if there is a genuine need then they can go on to the field.

If a player is injured, play is to continue. The referee will only stop the game if the injured player is close to the play and may be in further danger or if the injury is serious and requires immediate attention. Otherwise the game will continue.

Comp Rule 9.2.3(C) says:

“The First Aid Attendant should check with each Team to establish who is going to attend to players who appear injured in the first instance, and if a Team is using Trainers, the First Aid Attendant should only attend when called for by the Trainer or referee, or when the Trainer is not available to attend to the player (regardless common sense must prevail and the players safety come first).”