Tomorrow Man – Players Session – age coordinators, coaches and managers for the under 15s and 16s.
Monday 17 June at Porters 630pm
Hi folks,
As coaches, managers and volunteers that run your respective teams we are hoping you can help us communicate an opportunity to your players for them to attend a session with the folks from Tomorrow Man.
Tomorrow Man facilitate workshops for boys and men around Australia, designed to help them develop a healthy view of masculinity and strengthen their capability to communicate and deal with emotional challenges.
The cub wants to build on the great camaraderie and culture that comes with being part of rugby to provide a safe and supportive environment for our boys. Not only creating good players and sports but also developing and supporting them as young men.
The club will be hosting a Tomorrow Man facilitated session on Monday the 17th June from 6:30pm. We will also be hosting a Tomorrow Man session designed for Coaches, volunteers and parents. This session will be held on Monday the 24th June. You will see a separate email about this one.
Below are the details:
– Tomorrow Man Session – disrupting stereotypes, strengthening emotional muscle. Check out their website for more detail
– Monday the 17th June. Starts at 6:30pm. Finished at 8:30pm
– Newport Junior Rugby Club – Porters Reserve
– This session has been set up for the Under 15s and Under 16s
– Parents can attend.
What else do I need to know/do?
– The barby will be on so you can grab a sausage on a roll. We know how much the young guys eat so they should make sure there is also dinner waiting for them when they get home.
– Please communicate this with your teams
– If possible it would be really helpful if you could let me know what numbers to expect from your teams.