Last weekend Wakehurst played a friendly against Dural Rugby Club U15s at home. On a beautiful winter’s day the boys played a fast free-flowing game that provided both teams with chances.
It was another Wakehurst celebration as Callum Watts played his 150th game for the club and we decided to make the day one to remember.
For the second half we mixed up the teams, half of each team swapping jumpers. There were some massive hits, always a Dural-on-Dural player or a Wakehurst-on-Wakehurst player. It’s not often that you get to smash your mates! The boys loved it, they were laughing and the teams mixed in really well with both sides playing running rugby. A Dural forward converted from the sideline with a wicked toe poke that was only saved by the massive wind, he was a happy boy and the spectators on the sideline all enjoyed it.
Special thanks to Bryn Thomas and Austin Cleary for reffing, which is always a hard gig, but having your mates ref the game meant there was absolutely no complaining about the decisions.
After the game the boys all got an up-market steak sandwich and a can of drink. Matt Hall, Dural’s president, said the only thing that could have made it better for a 15YO would be getting 2 steaks sandwiches!
Well done to all the boys, we at Wakehurst look forward to meeting Dural again coz they’re a bunch of top blokes!