As part of WRC’s focus and commitment to strengthening grass roots rugby, they’ve developed a structured pathway to the WRC program. Providing this type of development allows us to share our footprint and mould our juniors in a way that will breed the culture and the skill we need in the future. The first of these development days was held last Saturday which was a resounding success. Meticulously run by WRC First Grade Head Coach, Darren Coleman, with the assistance of WRC players and Rattette’s Emily Robinson, more than 120 eager 12-17 year old kids attended. Darren also ran a Junior Rep Coaches workshop post the skills day which saw more than 20 coaches attend.

Moving forward, this type of detailed involvement with grass roots will become an integral part of our Rugby Club. We’ll be looking at taking these skills development sessions to our broader rugby community and Junior Local clubs throughout 2018.