SJRU COVID 19 update

Please read carefully, there will be some more information to follow…

Important things to note for the trial games this weekend:

– we must follow a 1 parent/guardian/carer for 1 player rule

– teams and visiting teams are not to co-mingle

– each club will have their own procedures for separating teams, please let’s all help each other out and stick to your designated areas

– Ground Marshals should be available from the host team and the visiting teams to assist with social distancing procedures


Dear All,

I hope everyone is well and safe from the COVID! Massive common sense warning around this email – it won’t answer all your questions, but will guide you on good practices for this weekend and beyond, under the current COVID rules we must adhere too.

COVID Update

Many of you would be aware that updates came out last night from NSW Health and the Office of Sport. I have attached the collective update, which includes a copy of the letter from the Chief Medical Officer of NSW.

The update effectively provides for blanket changes to Community Sport for all of NSW – amongst these are:

· steps to minimise spectator numbers across the board;
· ensure that Clubs make sure that all participants know about the specific exclusions and processes regarding the COVID locations identified in Sydney; and
· ensuring social distancing for everyone who is not participating directly in the sport.

Further, there have been specific changes to the COVID Safety Plan for Sports put out by the Office of Sport,.

In the next few days, we will amend the SJRU COVID Safety Plan to incorporate the new sections required, and distribute this to Clubs.

SJRU COVID-19 Match Day Protocols

I have attached a Match Day Protocol COVID-19 document for review by Clubs to assist with the requirements for Hosting and Visiting Clubs. This document is going to be somewhat fluid as key matters get added to reflect NSW Government updates and changes. This document is not intended to deal with all Club or venue queries, there are specifics that each Club will need to address for themselves.

A webinar on Match Day protocols will be set up for next Wednesday or Thursday night (I shall confirm tomorrow), and we will seek you questions in advance, so our presentation can be tailored and also, as necessary, an updated version of the protocols will be sent to Clubs. Please review the document, and if you can send me via email any queries or questions you have by COB Tuesday, we will incorporate them or their themes into the webinar.

Key Points for Trials 19th July

A few important points for the multi-game trial days scheduled for the weekend, and are particularly important for venues where two fields are operating concurrently:

· Host Clubs and Visiting Clubs should inform all their participants that the trials should be attended by only 1 parent/carer/guardian per player;
· The limit above does not include parents who have team official role (coach, trainer, manager), match official (AR) or marshalling roles (Ground Marshal, Covid Marshal);
· There is an important attachment to the email (SJRU COVID Location Update) – this should be printed and displayed at your venues, and Host Clubs for trials should send this to their Visiting Clubs. If you have a gated venue, then this should be posted at the entrance(s), and you should man the gates to ensure that those attending are aware of the exclusions. It is straight forward anyone who has been in these locations is excluded from this weekend’s games. Their future attendance is subject to appropriate self-isolation and satisfactory testing results. All Clubs – Hosts and Visiting Clubs must ensure they have done everything they can to exclude those who have been at these locations or any of their close contacts.

Host and Visiting Clubs should supply Ground Marshals as they would for SJRU games, and as well as looking out for their other duties, the Ground Marshals should also work together to ensure social distancing is maintained. If Host Clubs and Visiting Clubs have the ability (bearing in mind our quickly changing landscape), to appoint some COVID Marshals, that would also assist the process as we stage multi-game trials leading into our competition;
· Host Clubs should identify separate discrete areas and direct all teams to where they should warm-up and wait between scheduled trials, as this will assist in minimising co-mingling;
· All Clubs should inform their participants that they are to accept the directions of the Host Club officials.
· Participants and spectators should move on quickly after their games have concluded. Support your host club by visiting their canteen or BBQ, then depart the venue.

This weekend is the biggest test so far of whether we can work together to limit spectators, maintain social distancing, practice good COVID safe protocols and hygiene, and most importantly get the game we love onto the field and keep it on the field for the next 10 weeks and beyond.

Please make sure this email and the attachments are made directly available to all your Club members via email, social media or whichever means can garner the maximum exposure.

I am sure you will have queries, but put the common sense hat on first, read the information, and then get back to me if you need assistance

All the best and take care out there.